The 6 Prime Go-To Destinations in the Philippines

Some people waste their lives doing the same things over and over again. Enjoy life and maximize it by seeing new places and experiencing awesome adventures. Travel to new destinations. And what better place to start than our very own popular tourist spots! Here are a few must-visit locations in the Philippines:

  1. Puerto Princesa

A tourist-friendly and captivating coastal city in Palawan, Puerto Princesa provides you with a lot of fun for a summer escapade.  Visit the Puerto Princesa Underground River, a declared UNESCO Heritage Site and one of the most important biodiversity conservation areas in the country. You can also go snorkelling at Honda Bay, surfing at Nagtabon Beach, or spend time discovering the rock formation at Ugong Rock.

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  • Boracay

Be at one of the world’s top destinations for relaxation. Enjoy the powdery white sands and clear blue water at Boracay. Take leisure and indulge yourself in one of its numerous beach resorts and restaurants, or relish the water by trying out the water sports at Bulabog Beach.

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  • El Nido

If you want white-sand beaches with less of the crowd, El Nido is the one for you. Enjoy the clear waters of the Small and Big lagoons, as well as its many diving sites. You can also spare the time to visit its beautiful waterfalls, such as the Nagkalit-kalit Falls and the Bulalacao Falls.

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  • Siargao

Known locally and internationally as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Siargao presents an array of awesome summer experiences for those who are up to the challenge. It is also home to fascinating caves and lagoons. Indeed, it is a place of purity and simplicity, perfect for nature lovers.

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  • Coron

Coron houses one of the top 10 best scuba diving sites in the world, due to the sunken fleet Japanese ships in the harbour during the World War II. It also has seven stunning lakes good for snorkelling, the most famous of which is Kayangan Lake. This lake is the nationally-acclaimed cleanest lake in the Philippines. Give some nature loving as you explore its limestone cliffs and wildlife.

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  • Batanes

Challenge yourself to discover an elusive paradise at the tip of the archipelago! Tour the Sabtang Island and visit the Basco lighthouse which has a 360-degree view of the Batan Island. End the day with dinner at the Bunker’s Café, where you can catch a perfect view of the sun setting over the seemingly endless Pacific Ocean.

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These are just few of the the amazing sightseeing destinations you’ll find in our country. With more than 7,000 islands, you surely can look forward to more memorable trips! So, decide that this year you will not let yourself wallow in some semi-valid excuses for not traveling. Just go; later on, you will realize that going out of your routinary schedule and fast-paced lifestyle from time to time will do you good in the long run.

Bon voyage!

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